Thank you !

W3NL was a big experience and big first for us. A lot of stress, emotions, work, mistakes, but something we consider to be a success overall.

Now that the event is completed and saw America become Great again by taking the title, we wanted to take the time to properly express our thanks to the following people and organizations. Without them, nothing would have been the same.


-The NWC3L team, and especially DopeY for having us using their system and be so available. Please consider supporting them directly on their website, the Season 17 is ongoing !

ShaD for the amazing visuals he provided. You can follow his work through the different links there below!

ArtOfWarcraft, for the stunning videos he produced, and still do! You can follow him and his work on:

-The brilliant team of tournament admins, these guys aren’t appreciated enough, I can tell you :

-The Gods from the W3Champions team for their support with the customized icons (we wish we had more success with these ahah! blame is on us for not advertising well enough). If you don’t already, make sure to download their W3Champions client to play on a stable, well-designed and beautiful ladder they created, and also consider supporting them :

-All the advisors, websites, Liquipedia editors, and the incredible donators that came in and helped along the road (dur0, Ugri, Dahahaha/LeCout,, Couratious, Wc3ReforgedNews, SyDe, Guvnor, ToD)! We’re terribly sorry if we’re missing people!

-And last but not least, a very special thanks for a very special advisor, Shorty; we literally have no word on how much he helped us, this guy is a treasure.


Thanks to all of you really, as it was first and foremost YOUR event, you made it happen!

Who knows, we might see each other again with a second season!

-blaST & TinkeR