W3NL – Informations

The Warcraft 3 Nations League is a tournament organized by various people from the community that all have a passion in common: Warcraft 3.

In this page, you’ll find all the informations you need depending on if you are a potential viewer, national team manager, or national team player.

Quick links:

  • Full rulebook here.
  • Join us on our Discord server
  • NWC3L website (mandatory account to participate!)
  • Twisted Meadows W3NL Fixed Crossspawns*
  • Complete mappool – (01.11.2020 update)

* Due to desync issues, Twisted Meadows W3NL with Fixed crossspawns has been replaced by Twisted Meadows W3C standard version.



Tournament structure

  • Regional qualifiers. National teams splitted into two regions: Europe and America. Top 4 from Europe and Top 2 from America advance to the Group Stage. Format & Dates.
  • Group Stage. Top 3 from Europe and Winner from America advance to the Playoffs. A decider match is played between the Europe national teams ranked 2nd in their respective groups. Format & Dates.
  • Playoffs. Single-elimination bracket. Format & Date: TBD

Nation war match format
1x 2v2 played in Bo3
3x 1v1 played in Bo3
-In case of a draw, an Ace match in Bo1 will have to be played.

All vetoes and matches preparation will be done on NW3CL, if you are a player or a manager, having an account there is mandatory.

-Concealed Hill
-Echo Isles
-Last Refuge
-Northern Isles
-Terenas Stand LV
-Twisted Meadows

-Circle of Fallen Heroes
-Gnoll Wood
-Basalt Basin
-Lost Temple LV
-Tidewater Glades LV
-Turtle Rock
-Twisted Meadows

The whole mappool can be downloaded by following this link.

Veto process is done via NW3CL.com website (again, if you’re manager/player, you need to have an account there).
Both 1on1 players and 2on2 teams veto two maps. Those maps are eliminated from the match and will not be played.

After the starting map (game 1) is played, both players veto two maps alternately, starting with the winner. The losing player can choose the map played in game 2 from the remaining two maps in the mappool. If a deciding third game is required, the only remaining map will be played in game 3. As for the Ace match played in Bo1, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only one remains (A-B-A-B-A-B). The remaining map will be played.

Victory condition
A point is given for each map won. Ranking priority is first done by points, then number of matches won, then number of map losts, then score in the face-to-face match.

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